Customer Service

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Associate in Science
Program Coordinator: Irene Clampet - 860-215-9414

This 15 credit certificate is designed to develop skills in the area of customer service in a variety of business settings. It includes skills in effective communication, problem solving techniques and professional behavior in relationships with customers. These relationships are for internal and external customers in both business-to-business and consumer-focused environments. The studies in this certificate program focus on the concepts of return on customer and customer relationship management, which are perspectives tantamount to success in today's business world. This certificate will benefit students seeking entry level positions in customer service and working professionals who want to enhance their understanding of clear, effective communication with a business' internal and external customers. All of the courses required in the degree include hands-on assignments which apply course concepts to real world business experiments.

Students may complete this certificate by completing the courses that are listed below.



Course ID Title of Course Credits
BMK* K106° Principles of Selling 3
BMK* K123° Principles of Customer Service 3
BMK* K201° Principles of Marketing 3
ENG* K096° Introduction to College English  
or or 3
Higher ___________  
Please choose one from the following 4 courses: 3
BMG* K202° Principles of Management  
BMK* K103 Principles of Retailing  
BMK* K235° Public Relations  
BMK* K241° Principles of Advertising  

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 


Customer Service, Certificate
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. understand the importance of customer satisfaction.

  2. apply practical marketing communication strategies in serving the needs and wants of customers.

  3. demonstrate competency in customer service using a variety of communication techniques including written, verbal, nonverbal and electronic.

  4. possess skills in professional demeanor, service attitude and business etiquette.