Criminal Justice

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Certificate Program
Program Coordinator: Jeffrey Crouch - 860-215-9418

This program provides an opportunity for students to participate in a 27 credit program leading to a certificate in Criminal Justice.

Students may complete this certificate by completing the courses that are listed below.

English Competency Requirement met by: ________________________________________________


Course ID Title of Course Credits
CJS* K101° Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CJS* K201° Criminology 3
CJS* K211° Criminal Law I  
or or 3
POL* K21 Constitutional Law and Civil Rights  
CJS* K213° Evidence and Criminal Procedure 3
CJS* K220° Criminal Investigation 3
CJS* K225° Forensic Science 3
CJS* K250° Police Organization and Administration 3
ENG* K101° Composition 3
COM* K173° Public Speaking 3

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 
May be exempted through placement.
The English Competency Requirement is met by placement into ENG* K101, or transfer credit, or completion of ENG* K096.

Criminal Justice, Certificate
Program Outcomes
Upon successful completion of this certificate program, graduates will be able to:

1. identify and explain the basic structures and functions of the criminal justice system.

2. interpret the basic concepts and functions of criminal law.

3. integrate multidisciplinary theories with constitute the basis for understanding criminality      and victimization.

4. apply constitutional principles that protect the rights of individuals and regulate criminal justice practices and procedures.

5. discuss the importance of social and ethical issues confronting the criminal justice system.