Business Information Systems

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Certificate Program
Program Coordinator: Betti Gladue - 860-215-9430

This 27-29 credit hour certificate program is designed for students who seek to acquire the basic working skills to enter a business, wish to expand their opportunities and choices, and/or transfer to Eastern or another 4-year university.

Students may complete this certificate by completing the courses that are listed below.



Course ID Title of Course Credits
BBG* K115° Business Software Applications 3
CSA* K205° Advanced Applications 3
CSC* K108° Intro to Programming 4
CSC* K207° Introduction to Visual Basic 4
ENG* K101° Composition 3
Restricted Electives (Please select 3 from the following list of courses) 10-12
ACC* K115° Financial Accounting  
ACC* K11 Managerial Accounting  
BMG* K202° Principles of Management  
BMK* K201° Principles of Marketing  
CST* K175° Network Administration & Support  
CST* K176° Internet Technologies  

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 


Business Information Systems, Certificate
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. demonstrate a fundamental understanding of a computer's operating system with regard to file management, system tools and the customization of the computing environment.

  2. design, develop and implement programs to solve various data processing problems using the current programming language and Visual Basic.

  3. demonstrate use of computer applications including word processing, spreadsheets, presentation software, database management, and Internet browser software to enhance personal productivity.