Technology Studies:
Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Option

A College of Technology Pathway
The Connecticut College of Technology is an innovative program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering or technology. The program consists of two distinct pathways, one in Engineering Science and one in Technology Studies. After completing the Technology Studies Pathway Program at Three Rivers, students may enter directly into technical fields at Central Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College (Connecticut's External Degree Program). The Engineering Science Pathway leads directly into the School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut or the University of New Haven,

The pathway courses will transfer to engineering and technology programs at many other public and private universities as well.

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Associate in Science
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The Technology Studies Lean Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management Option was created in response to the expressed future and current needs of the manufacturing community. The U.S. Department of Labor along with local industry has demonstrated a demand and need for courses in the areas of lean and supply chain management.

The courses within this plan of study were developed by members of the College of Technology in conjunction with industry partners. The courses in lean are intended to ensure students have knowledge of current continuous process of improvement methodologies in use today within competitive manufacturing environments. The courses in supply chain management are intended to review the lean manufacturing principles needed to understand and maintain the supply chain and to cover the benefits and elements needed for implementing supply chain management.

This degree program provides students with the skills that will increase their employability in the field as well as set them on a path that will enable them to further their education



Course ID Title of Course Credits
COM* K173° Public Speaking 3
ECN* K____ Economics Elective 3
ECN* K____ Economics Elective  
or or 3
HIS* K____ History Elective  
ENG* K101° Composition 3
ENG* K202° Technical Writing 3
HIS* K____ History Elective  
or or  
GEO* K____ Geography Elective 3
or or  
POL* K____ Political Science Elective  
PHL* K111° Ethics  
or or 3
PHL* K____ Philosophy Elective  
PSY* K____ Psychology Elective  
or or 3
SOC* K____ Sociology Elective  
__________ Fine Arts Elective 3
  TOTAL 27
Science and Math Core  
CHE* K111° Concepts Chemistry  
or or 4
CHE* K121° General Chemistry I  
MAT* K167° Principles of Statistics 3
MAT* K186° Precalculus 4
PHY* K11 Introduction to Physics  
or or 4
PHY* K121° General Physics I  
  TOTAL 15
Technology/Management Core  
__________ Technical Drafting or CAD 3
__________ Directed Elective 3
__________ Directed Elective 3
Courses in Option  
MFG* K171 Introduction to Lean Manufacturing 3
MFG* K172 Introduction to Lean Supply Chain Management 3
MFG* K271° Advanced Lean Manufacturing 3
MFG* K272° Implementing Lean Supply Chain Management 3
  TOTAL 12

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description.