Technology Studies: Biomolecular Science Option

A College of Technology Pathway
The Connecticut College of Technology is an innovative program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering or technology. The program consists of two distinct pathways, one in Engineering Science and one in Technology Studies. After completing the Technology Studies Pathway Program at Three Rivers, students may enter directly into technical fields at Central Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College (Connecticut's External Degree Program). The Engineering Science Pathway leads directly into the School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut or the University of New Haven,

The pathway courses will transfer to engineering and technology programs at many other public and private universities as well.

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Associate in Science
Contact Person: James Copeland- 860-215-9416   

This option will create a new area of emphasis for the College of Technology, providing an area of specialty for students who wish to go into a biomolecular science career as a laboratory technician and/or pursue a baccalaureate degree through the Pathways program at Central Connecticut State University in Biomolecular Sciences. The associate's degree can also serve as a career-oriented degree for students who choose to enter workforce in various laboratory environments such as an academic research laboratory, environmental laboratory, or medical laboratory.       



Course ID Title of Course Credits
COM* K173° Public Speaking 3
ECN* K102° Principles of Microeconomics 3
ENG* K101° Composition 3
ENG* K202° Technical Writing 3
HIS* K___ History Elective 3
PHL* K111° Ethics 3
__________ Fine Arts Elective 3
__________ GEO* or POL* Elective 3
__________ PSY* or SOC* Elective 3
  TOTAL 27
Math and Science Core  
CHE* K12 General Chemistry I 4
MAT* K186° Precalculus 4
PHY* K121° General Physics I 4
  TOTAL 12
Specialized Core  
BIO* K121° General Biology I 4
BIO* K122° General Biology II 4
PHY* K122° General Physics II 4
  TOTAL 12
Options: Please choose from the following specialized electives; BIO* K235°, BIO* K260° or K262°, BIO* K264 (Molecular and Cellular Biology), CHE* K122°, CHE* K211°, CHE* K212°, MAT* K254°  
__________ ________________________  
__________ ________________________  
__________ ________________________  
__________ ________________________  
  TOTAL 16

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 


Technology Studies, Biomolecular Science Option, Associate in Science Degree
Program Outcomes

In addition to the outcomes listed for the Technology Studies degree, students who complete the Biomolecular Science Option will be able to achieve the following outcomes:

  1. understand and apply the scientific method.

  2. comprehend and apply basic techniques of scientific investigation.

  3. complete laboratory analyses, compile data, and construct technical reports.

  4. understand the classifications of organisms in the six kingdoms.

  5. complete a systematic study of human anatomy and physiology.

  6. understand and apply the principles of microbiology.

  7. understand and the principles and implications of genetics and research.