Laser and Fiber Optic Technology

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Associate in Science
Program Contact: Daniel Courtney- 860-215-9417

The Laser and Fiber Optic Technology program was created to meet the critical need for laser electro-optic technicians in Connecticut, which has the third highest concentration of laser and fiber optic firms in the nation.

The program has a solid core of electronics courses, including electric circuits, solid state electronics, digital circuits and electronic communications. Proficiency in laser optics is gained through courses in geometric and wave optics, laser and fiber optics.

In addition to the major specialty courses, students also study mathematics, English, communications and the humanities.

Students who complete the program have the opportunity to transfer to baccalaureate programs in applied physics or engineering technology, or to find immediate employment in the burgeoning laser and fiber optics field.

(suggested 2 year sequence)


Course ID Title of Course Credits
CAD* _____ Computer-Aided Drafting Elective 3
EET* K105° Electric Circuits and Systems 3
EET* K106° Electric Circuits and Systems Lab 1
ENG* K101° Composition 3
MAT* K172° College Algebra 3
PHO* K101 Introduction to Light and Lasers 4
  TOTAL 17
EET* K119° Advanced Electrical Circuits and Systems 3
EET* K120° Advanced Electric Circuits and Systems Lab 1
MAT* K186° Precalculus 4
PHO* K241° Introduction to Laser Technology 3
PHO* K242° Introduction to Laser Technology Lab 1
PHY* K114° Mechanics 4
  TOTAL 16
ENG* K202° Technical Writing 3
EET* K264° Data Aquisition and Control 3
EET* K265° Data Aquisition and Control Lab 1
MAT* K167° Principles of Statistics 3
PHO* K102° Applied Optics 4
EET* K134° Electronics I 4
  TOTAL 18
PHO* K230° Laser Electronics 4
PHO* K251° Fiber Optics Systems and Devices 3
PHO* K252° Fiber Optics Systems and Devices Lab 1
TCN* K291° Interdisciplinary Capstone Design Project 3
__________ Humanities Elective 3
__________ Social Science Elective 3
  TOTAL 17

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 
+( ) This course is considered a prerequisite to the program and must be taken before PHO* K102

Laser and Fiber Optic Technology, Associate in Science Degree
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. use general electronic and optical test instrumentation as well as specialized instrumentation such as optical spectrum analyzers and laser beam analyzers.

  2. specify, mount, and align optical components and install, align, and operate support and positioning equipment.

  3. demonstrate proper optical fiber handling techniques, including connectorization, splicing and the use of optical sources, meters and OTDR.

  4. survey a laser work area, citing unsafe conditions present.

  5. work cooperatively with team members to gather and analyze data using applicable software and report results in both oral and written format.

  6. read and interpret vendor catalogs and instruction manuals.