General Engineering Technology

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Associate in Applied Science
Contact Person: Allan Anderson- 860-215-9403

The General Engineering Technology (GET) program was developed to meet the industry's need for generalists as opposed to technicians educated in a specific discipline. It also provides a program for students who wish to design an engineering technology curriculum to meet their own individual needs, and for students who are unsure of the specific technology discipline they want as a major

Each student takes a core of courses in mathematics, science, technology, humanities and social sciences. The remainder of the program consists of courses chosen by the student to best meet personal goals. For example, an elective concentration in optics can provide the background for an entry-level position in Connecticut's photonics industry. Approved military coursework may also be used to fulfill the elective requirements.

GET students are currently employed by Electric Boat, Pratt and Whitney, Connecticut Municipal Electrical Energy Coop, the US Navy, and other southeastern Connecticut industries. Students have also successfully transferred to four-year institutions in Engineering Technology such as Central Connecticut State University School of Technology. Students considering transfer are advised to see their advisor early in their studies to maximize transfer credit.

(suggested 2 year sequence)


Course ID Title of Course Credits
CHE* K111° Concepts of Chemistry 4
CSA* K105 Introduction to Software Applications 3
ENG* K101° Composition 3
MAT* K172° College Algebra 3
MFG* K102 Manufacturing Processes 3
MFG* K103 Manufacturing Processes Lab 1
TCN* K105 Laser and Lab Safety 1
  TOTAL 18
COM* K173° Public Speaking 3
ENG* K202° Technical Writing 3
MAT* K186° Precalculus 4
MEC* K150° Solid Modeling I 1
MEC* K151° Solid Modeling I Lab 2
PHY* K114° Mechanics 4
MEC* K154° Solid Modeling II 1
MEC* K155° Solid Modeling II Lab 2
PHY* K115° Heat Sound Light 4
__________ Humanities/Social Science Elective 3
__________ Open Elective 3
__________ Technical Elective 3
__________ Technical Elective Lab 1
EET* K105° + Electric Circuits and Systems 3
EET* K106° + ElectricCircuits and Systems Lab + 1
__________ Humanities/Social Sciences Elective 3
__________ Open Elective 3
__________ Technical Elective 3
__________ Technical Elective 3

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 

+ May substitute EET* K105/106 Electric Circuits and Systems/Lab

PHO* K101° Introduction to Light and Lasers 4
PHO* K241/242°   Introduction to Laser Technology and Lab 4
MFG* K118/119° Computer Controlled Laser Material Processing and Lab 4
Open Suggested    
TCN* K291°  Interdisciplinary Capstone Design Project  
or or    3
PHO* K295°  Photonics Co-Op   


General Engineering Technology, Associate in Science Degree
Program Outcomes

Upon successful completion of all program requirements, graduates will be able to:

  1. prepare technical and laboratory reports and present them using the latest computer software and oral presentation skills.

  2. prepare drawings of machine components both manually and using Autocad software

  3. explain orthographic projection as it relates to standard board drafting and CAD

  4. explain various parts of a drill press, milling machine, and lathe and accomplish the calculations necessary to determine the correct rotational speed for the engine lathe, drill press and milling machine

  5. explain basic Chemistry concepts such as measurements in chemistry, atomic structures and chemical bonding, chemical reactions, states of matter and stoichiometry.

  6. demonstrate skills in a discipline of choice including but not limited to, Optics, Mechanical, Manufacturing, Electrical, Civil, CAD or Environmental Engineering Technology options.

  7. explain an option in general engineering technology that they have chosen to emphasize in their studies.