Engineering Science

A College of Technology Pathway

The Connecticut College of Technology is an innovative program leading to a Bachelor of Science Degree in engineering or technology. The program consists of two distinct pathways, one in Engineering Science and one in Technology Studies. After completing the Technology Studies Pathway Program at Three Rivers, students may enter directly into technical fields at Central Connecticut State University or Charter Oak State College (Connecticut's External Degree Program). The Engineering Science Pathway leads directly into the School of Engineering at the University of Connecticut or the University of New Haven,

The pathway courses will transfer to engineering and technology programs at many other public and private universities as well.

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Associate in Science
Contact Person: Allan Anderson- 860-215-9403

The "Engineering Science Pathway" consists primarily of coursework in engineering, mathematics, and the sciences. In addition to the 68-credit core of courses shown below, a grade average of "B" with no grade less than a "C" is required for continuation at UConn's School of Engineering, or University of New Haven.

The "Engineering Science Pathway" focuses upon building a foundation in the fields of mechanical, industrial, or civil engineering. Graduates will receive a background in mathematics, science and general education courses for transfer into a four-year program. Engineering Science also offers students currently employed in technical positions an opportunity to retrain and upgrade their technical skills. Differences in various areas of specialization in engineering allow students to choose electives with reference to their programs of study. Core courses in Engineering Science may be offered at other Connecticut Community Colleges in cooperation with Three Rivers.



Course ID Title of Course Credits
Semester I  
ENG* K101° Composition 3
CHE* K121° General Chemistry I 4
PHY* K221° Calculus Based Physics I 4
MAT* K254° Calculus I 4
EGR* K111 Intro to Engineering 3
  Total 18
CHE* K122° General Chemistry II 4
ENG* K102° Literature and Composition 3
PHY* K222° Calculus-based Physics II 4
MAT* K256° Calculus II 4
__________ + Fine Arts Elective (art, music) 3
  Total 18
MAT* K285° Differential Equations 3
EGR* K211° Engineering Statics 3
MEC* K150 Solid Modeling I  1
MEC* K151 Solid Modeling I Lab 2
PHL* K111° Ethics 3
___________ +++ Social Sciences Elective 3
  Total 15
MAT* K268° Calculus III:  Multivariable 4
CSC* K108° Introduction to Programming 4
EGR* K212° Engineering Dynamics 3
___________ ++ History Elective 3
__________ Technical Elective 3
  Total 17

° Course has a prerequisite. Students should check course description. 
+ ARC* K102, ART* K101, ART* K102, ART* K260 or MUS* K101 recommended for transfer to UCONN.
++ HIS* K201 or HIS* K202 recommended for transfer to UCONN
+++ ANT* K101, ECN* K101, ECN* K102 or PSY* K112 recommended for transfer to UCONN

Engineering Science, Associate in Science Degree
Program Outcomes

By the time of graduation, students in the Engineering Science program will:

  1. transition seamlessly into a Bachelor of Science Degree Program in Engineering with Junior level status in the receiving institution as part of the Engineering Science Pathway Program.
  2. demonstrate the ability to assist in research, development, design, production, testing and various other functions associated with engineering.
  3. demonstrate a good understanding of engineering principles/concepts.
  4. demonstrate a good understanding of mathematical concepts.
  5. demonstrate good working knowledge of state-of-the-art hardware and software in support of engineering design.
  6. demonstrate the ability to think through a problem in a logical manner.
  7. organize and carry through to conclusion the solution to a problem.
  8. demonstrate good communication skills
  9. demonstrate teamwork skills.