TRCC Testing Center

Phone: 860-215-9061

Room A117

Three Rivers Community College Testing Center provides services that include:

Accuplacer Placement Test

The Accuplacer Placement Test is required for all new, first-time college students. Students must apply to the college and receive their TRCC Student ID# prior to scheduling the test.

This test is designed to help students gain information about their readiness for college-level course work by measuring basic skills in mathematics, reading and writing. The test results assist with advisement and course placement as Three Rivers Community College uses multiple metrics in determining college readiness. New students are encouraged to submit any supporting documentation that may potentially help our advising staff determine appropriate math and English composition placement. Supporting documentations may include, but are not limited to: High school transcripts (math and English composition grades), SAT or ACT test scores, and/or any relevant experience in math and English composition.

Is English your second language (ESL)? If so, Three Rivers Community College wants to recognize your English language skills by determining an appropraite English language course or appropriate English composition course. Our Accuplacer test is coded to deliver the Accuplacer ESL assessment based on how the student both answers their background questions AND their score on the first testing module, Reading Comprehension.

The following TRCC applicants may be waived from taking the placement assessment: Transfer students from outside colleges, Advanced Placement (AP) course (with exam) students, and College Career Pathways (CCP) students. Please inform our Welcome Center attendant if you suppose that you may be eligible for placement test waiver. 

Students can sign up for the Accuplacer Placement Test using their Student ID# at:

The following document is for students to follow after the Accuplacer Placement Test is completed: After The Placement Test

Prepare for the Placement Test (ACCUPLACER®)

  • New first-time college students are required to complete the computerized Accuplacer placement test, designed to help students gain information about their readiness for college-level course work.
  • Sample questions can be found at: College Board sample questions
  • Free Accuplacer practice tests can also be found at: Accuplacer Practice
  • Free English and Language preparation OWL
  • Free Math preparation Math
  • Students will be given instructions on how to schedule the Accuplacer Placement test in their Acceptance Letter

Make Up, Challenge & Special Accommodations Exams

  • Cost
      • Make Up exam: No Charge
      • Special Accommodations exam: No Charge
      • Challenge exam: $15
        • Students are asked to bring either a $15 cash reciept (from the cashier) or a completed Credit Card Authorization Form to their scheduled exam.
        • Students are asked to attain all necessary signatures on this Credit by Exam formafter completing their challenge exam.
        • Please do not email credit card information to the testing center.
  • Hours of Operation
      • The Testing Center is open for 3 hours for each date offered at:
        • Make Up, Challenge & Special Accommodations calendar
        • Student schedule themselves on
        • will note the date and "start" time for each session
      • Students may arrive anytime during the aforementioned testing hours, but should arrive early enough so to have the allotted time allowed by their instructors.
  • Student Responsibilities
      • The testing center requests students to monitor their own time allowances while taking an exam. Test proctors will note "start of test" and "end of test" on every exam.
      • Students are requested to schedule themselves an appointment to test. Go to: Click on "Make Up, Challenge & Special Accommodation" calendar. Students are also requested to follow up with their instructor with the test date.
    • Faculty Responsibilities
      • Faculty are requested to submit a "Proctor Request Form" to the Testing Center along with the exam via interoffice mail, fax, email ( or in person.
    • CSA*K105 Challenge exam
      • Students interested in challenging CSA*K105 should contact Joe Johnson for permission at: Once permission is granted, the testing center will receive a Proctor Request Form for the challenge exam.
      • Students are to schedule themselves a date/time at
        • Find a date/time on the Make Up, Challenge & Special Accommodations testing calendar.
        • There is a $15 "Proctoring Fee" due to the cashier's office for all challenge exams. Please bring this Credit by Exam form with you and show to the cashier.
        • Students are asked to bring their Credit by Exam form and a $15 receipt (from the cashier's office) along with them to the testing center on day of challenge exam.
        • After taking the CSA*K105 challenge exam, students are asked to submit their Credit by Exam form to Joe Johnson. This form will then be forwarded to the academic dean for approval/signature.
        • CSA 105 Challenge exam details: 
          •  You should review the textbook for the CSA105 course, covering Office 2013 prior to the test.  There are 3 copies of the text available in the TRCC library.
          • The test examines your knowledge of each of the 4 office tools:  Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Access.  The questions are based on the material in each of the first 2 chapters from the text for each of these technology areas, for a total of 8 chapters. 
          • The questions are task-oriented, structured very similar to the Capstone questions at the end of each of these 8 chapters.  So it would be helpful for you to look over those and make sure you're comfortable with them.  Specifically, they ask you to modify/enhance document files according to very specific requirements.
          • The test is corrected by computer, so you need to be careful, and answer the questions very precisely and accurately in order to receive full credit.
          • An overall score of 65% or above is required to pass the test.  However, it is also required that the score for each section (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and Access), be at least 55% in order to pass.
          • You have 3 hours to complete the exam.
          • Once you complete the exam, the testing center will send the exam to the computer science department for grading (by computer).  We will contact you once we have the results within a few days.
          • This exam can only be taken once. No exceptions.

    Credit by Exam (CLEP & DSST)

    Proctoring schedules for upcoming CLEP and DSST exams available at links below.

    Also, procedure to schedule an exam begins by clicking appropriate link above

    TEAS Test

    • The TEAS test was developed to measure basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. The TEAS test is a requirement for admission into the Nursing Program.
    • Students schedule themselves for exams at the ATI website. The Three Rivers Testing Center does not schedule TEAS examinees. ATI sends Three Rivers the examinee roster before each TEAS test.
    • Three Rivers Testing Center does not print TEAS test results after completion of the individual examinees test. However, upon completion of the entire testing session, the testing proctor will enable all results. At that time, examinees will be able to access their ATI accounts and view their scores/print their results from any Internet connected computer outside of the Testing Center.
    • Upon completion of their TEAS test, examinees are directed to immediately sign out of their ATI account and exit the Testing Center. Staying after the exam so to use the computer for any reason is not permitted.
    • All scratch paper is to be left in the designated areas of the Testing Center or at the examinee's seat. No scratch paper is permitted to be taken from the Testing Center.
    • Examinees are permitted to use one piece of scratch paper at a time. Additional sheets of scratch paper are available upon exchange of expired sheet.
    • In addition to the exam fees paid to ATI at the ATI website, Three Rivers CC testing center charges a proctoring fee for scheduled examinees. Proctoring fees should be paid to the cashiers office on the day of test and before walking into the testing center. If exam is offered after cashier's hours of operation the the exam proctor will have payment forms for examinees to complete.
      • All forms of payment are accepted except personal checks. No personal checks will be accepted.
    • TEAS examinees will need to present a picture id, driver's license, military id, college id and passports are acceptable forms of picture identification. Also, examinees will need to hand the testing proctor their casheir's receipt showing payment of proctoring fees.


    Non-Three Rivers Community College Student Test Proctoring

    There is a non-refundable Three Rivers' Administration proctoring fee of $35 for non-Three Rivers Community College examinees.  Payment is due on day of test. Please bring a reciept to the testing center. The Cashier's Office will accept credit card, cash or money order.

    In order to reserve your seat for a test proctoring session please go to (you'll have to create an account) and select the following calendar: Make Up, Challenge & Special Accommodations Exams. Choose the available test date that best fits your schedule. Be sure to note in the "comment" section that you are taking an exam for another college/university. Only the dates offered on this calendar are available.

    New dates will be posted monthly.

    Be sure to contact your college/university well in advance of your selected test date. This will allow your college/university to send the required password and forms to the Testing Center at Three Rivers Community College in a timely manner.

    Provide your college/university with the following contact information for the testing center:

    • Testing Coordinator: Scott Carolan -
    • Testing Center Phone: 860.215.9061