TRCC Testing Center

Phone: 860-215-9061

Room A117

Accuplacer Placement Test

Course Placement is an assessment of basic skills in mathematics, reading and writing. Assessment for course placement may be necessary to help advisors assess readiness for college-level classes and assist in selecting appropriate courses.

  • Prepare for the Placement Test (ACCUPLACER®)
    • New first-time college students are required to complete the computerized Accuplacer placement test, designed to help students gain information about their readiness for college-level course work.
    • Sample questions can be found at: College Board sample questions
    • Free Accuplacer practice tests can also be found at: Accuplacer Practice
    • Free English and Language preparation OWL
    • Free Math preparation Math
    • Students will be given instructions on how to schedule the Accuplacer Placement test in their Acceptance Letter

Testing for Students Who Need Special Accommodations

  • Students who need special accommodations and their instructors may decide to use the TRCC testing center.
        o The Testing Center provides students and faculty with a quiet testing environment.
  • Students must call 860-215-9061 to make an appointment.
  • Please contact student development if you have questions about accommodations.
  • Make-up Exams

  • The Center provides a free make-up exam service for TRCC students in both traditional and online courses.
  • The decision to allow make-up exams is at the discretion of the instructor.
  • Students must call 860-215-9061 to make an appointment.
  • Credit by Exam

    CLEP (College-Level Examination Program)
        o Earn college-level credits for previously learned knowledge

    DSST (Subject Standardized Tests)
        o Earn college-level credits for previously learned knowledge.

    TEAS Test

    The TEAS test was developed to measure basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of Reading, Mathematics, Science, and English and Language Usage. These entry level skills were deemed important for nursing program applicants by a panel of nursing program curriculum experts. The TEAS test is a requirement for admission into the Nursing Program.

    TESTERS: Please limit the use of cologne and perfume while in the testing room or you will be asked to re-schedule your test.