A score of 50 or higher will be considered passing. Three Rivers offers CLEP tests regularly throughout the fall and spring semesters. Study guides for CLEP are located on the CollegeBoard website.

  1. CLEP Payment Instructions
    • The CLEP Code for Three Rivers Community College is 3558.
    • Print the CLEP Registration Ticket. You MUST bring the Registration Ticket to your test session.
    • How will my CLEP exam transfer into Three Rivers Community College?
  2. Click the image (on the right), create a log in account and reserve your seat for any of the upcoming test dates listed. Find the CLEP/DSST Calendar and review available dates. Before confirming your reservation on timecenter, be sure to also provide your CLEP or DSST exam subject title, i.e. Spanish 1 or English Composition, in the "Appointment memo" text box.
    • Also in the "Appointment memo" text box, please identify if you're a veteran being funded by DANTES and/or if you need special accommodations for testing. A doctor's note will be required for any special accommodation requests.
    • All veterans are waived from all proctoring fees. DANTES reimburses the college.
    • There is a non-refundable Three Rivers' Proctoring Fee of $15 per test session for Connecticut State College student examinees ($35 for all other examinees). Proctoring Fees are to be paid on day of test. The following forms of payment are accepted at the Cashier's Office: Money Order, Credit Card, and Cash. Additionally, for Three Rivers CC students only, examinees may ask the cashier to charge their student account.
    • ONE form of acceptable and valid photo identification will be needed on the day of your test.
    • Three Rivers does not offer proctoring services for any "optional essay" that requires either a blue book format or a faculty member for grading purposes.


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