Continuing Education

Student Clubs at Three Rivers

Student Organizations Office

The Student Organizations Office is located in F209 and is open to any student involved in a club.  The office has six shared workstations: five PCs and one Mac. All club's have a mailbox in the Student Organizations Office and access to a printer.

Requesting Money from Student Government

All organizations are encouraged to ask for funding from Student Government.  Clubs can recieve an allocation once yearly, up to $1200 a year. 

Budget request forms can be found in the organizations office in F209. In addition to a completed Budget Request form, you'll need a copy of your club's spending from the previous fiscal year; this is available by request from Student Programs.  You'll also need a copy of your club's meeting minutes in which the group approves the budget request.  In order to get on the Student Government meeting agenda, notify the President by the Tuesday before the meeting.

Spending Your Money

In order to spend club funds, an organization member needs to fill out a Request for a Purchase Order and turn it into Student Programs. Funds related to travel need to be turned in one month in advance of the trip.  Most other requests need to be made one week in advance and Mr. Pizza and Big Y requests can be turned in two (2) business days in advance since we have accounts with them.

Organization Travel

Whenever students travel, they are required to complete waivers.  To request waivers from Student Programs, send an email with the name and date of your trip and the number of waivers you need and someone from Student Programs will create them and put them in your club mailbox. 

If you are spending club money on a trip, you'll also need to complete Travel Authorizations.  Every member of the club that is traveling needs to complete one.  These are available in the Student Organizations Office (F209) and need to be signed by your advisor and turned into Student Programs one week before the trip.

For More Information

For more information, visit Student Programs in F211, call 860.885.2301 or e-mail Student Programs.