Continuing Education


Registration Dates Information 

Financial Aid and Online Registration

New Students: If this is the first time you are attending college, you will attend an orientation for registration. See Admissions How to Apply section for more details

Transfer and Re-admitted Students:  Re-admit and transfer students will meet with an admissions advisor before registration.  They should bring unofficial transcripts or grade reports of previous work to this meeting so they can register.  Official copies of previous transcripts should be sent directly to the Registrar’s office as soon as possible.  This will allow you to register online as pre-requisite courses will be recorded at TRCC.

Continuing Students: Students currently attending TRCC or have attended since
Spring 2011.

1. Find your assigned advisor

     a. Go to and login using your NetID
Click on the Student Tab, then click in the “Student Self Service” box
Click on “Student Records” then click “View Student Information”
     d. Select your school term, click “Submit”
Scroll down to “Primary Advisor” to see your advisor’s name 

Your advisor’s location, email address and phone number is in the online catalog at

2. Meet with your assigned advisor- Continuing students should meet with their assigned advisor, discuss their academic goals and plans for the upcoming semester.  Students will find out what courses are required for their degree and start their Plan of Study form.  If this is your first semester, your advising hold will be removed by your assigned advisor after you meet allowing you to register online.

3. Your Advisor will recommend courses for you to take in the next semester.  Remember each course requires approximately 6-9 hours of work each week in addition to classroom time. 

4.  Make note of the courses your advisor recommends plus alternate courses.

5. Review the Course Schedule at  Scroll down and click on Course Schedules.  Select sections that fit your schedule

6. Register Online

      a.  Go to and login using your NetID and password
      b.  Click on Banner Self Service link(upper right)
      c.  Click on “Registration and Payment”
      d.  Click on “Select Term” and “Submit”
      e.  Click on “Register (add/drop) Classes”
      f.   Enter CRNs you want to register for in the "Add Classes Worksheet"
      g.   Click on "Submit Changes"
      h.   Click on Initiate Payment or exit if choosing other payment options

7. Review your Scheduleto be sure you are registered in exactly what you wanted to  be registered in.

8.  Pay online or in person at the Cashier.  Fees are due at the time of registration and are non-refundable.


    Financial Aid

    If you have applied for financial assistance, please use our online services and log on to myCommnet to see if your award is complete. If so, register as outlined above. If your financial aid award has not been completed, you may register as outlined above and proceed to the payment screen to make payment or visit the Financial Aid information page.

    We hope you find online registration to be easy, convenient, and a less time consuming way to register. If you have difficulty, feel free to send an e-mail to or call the Registrar’s Office at (860)892-5756 (Monday - Friday 8:30am – 4:30pm). Please let us know of any problems you encounter, as we are interested in improving our services for upcoming semesters.