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How to Submit Information for a Press Release

If you have a story or event that warrants a press release, please e-mail me any and all pertinent information about what you are trying to publicize, organized as best as you can. Please use the guidelines below. Try to include:

1. A title: Basically, a summary of what you need publicized (e.g. "Photonics recieves grant from NAS to offer scholarships"). Don't worry about coming up with a clever headline (that's my job!), just try to get across your main idea clearly and concisely.

2. The facts: Think "who, what, where, why, when and sometimes how", just like in Writing 101. (Example: Three Rivers and the University of New Haven (who) have developed a new Dental Hygiene transfer compact (what) that will be available to students starting this year (when) at Three Rivers Community College (where). The program was developed to address the shortage of Dental Hygienists in southeastern CT (why). Etc.) If it is a special event, you can list out the information the same way.

3. The important details: If there are crucial details that need to be included (e.g. "Students must have a 2.5 or better GPA to be eligible " or "This event is free and open to the public") please make sure you include them.

4. Contact info: Last but not least... the name, title, and phone number (and/or e-mail) of who's in charge of whatever you are publicizing! This is very important... reporters sometimes need more information than a press release provides, and the easier it is for them to get in touch with you, the more likely it is that they will.

Not every press release submitted gets published or covered. In fact, the ratio is about 3/1 (releases submitted/stories written). This is not necessarily because a story isn't interesting or newsworthy, it has to do with amount of other current news competing for reporters' attentions and the finite space available to cover all the news (particularly problematic if there are major issues the media are dealing with like elections).

I make every effort to get Three Rivers news in the area newspapers (and other local media when applicable). If you feel your story has an appeal beyond the local community, please let me know that, and why.

If you have any questions, contact me.


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