Educational Technology - Identity Finder Support

How-to Documents, Tutorials & Animations
Introduction to Identity Finder  Show Me (4:00)
Initiate a Search  Show Me (3:41)
Shred, Scrub, or Quarantine Ms Office Documents and PDFs  Show Me (6:08)

Precursors to Scanning Email Show Me (:53)
Create a PST in Outlook Show Me (1:25)
Create a Favorite in Outlook Show Me (:34)
Create a Category in Outlook Show Me (1:06)
Create a Quick Step in Outlook Show Me (2:38)

Categorize Emails in Identity Finder Show Me (2:45)
Quarantine Email Using the Quick Step Show Me (2:22)
Close and Re-open Outlook Quarantine Folder Show Me (1:43)

Solving Problems
Category Field Missing in Outlook Show Me (1:11)

Advanced Options
Set a Rule in Outlook Show Me (2:30)
Using the Rule to Move Emails to Quarantine Show Me (2:10)