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Three Rivers Community College and staff members produced the following podcasts to help you better understand the college community and to help you succeed in your distance learning courses. Each podcast is approximately 10 minutes in duration but allows you to get information directly from those involved in online course instruction or administration.

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Pamela Carroll, Assistant Professor of Psychology
Assistant professor of psychology, Pamela Carroll talks about the Lifespan course, online discussions, the format of her online course, and "why online learning is not a spectator sport." (Running Time 11:15)

Jennifer Sim, Adjunct Instructor of Early Childhood Education
Early childhood education adjunct Jennifer Sim tells why she wanted to teach online, talks about constructivist learning, describes her steps to prepare for teaching online, relates some things she has learned teaching online, discusses her beliefs regarding the methods to work with students who are not self-directed, and talks about her experiences as an online student. (Running Time 11:31)

June Decker, Associate Professor of Mathematics
This is a pretty exciting time to be teaching math. There are so many new developments." June Decker tells us about many of these developments in her area including work on the National Center for Academic Transformation project and an online class taught in spring 2007. (Running Time 11:23)

Christine Languth, Registrar
"I don't see any reason why we would not have every subject [online] as they are developed. Every course that we offer students have asked if they can take it online." (Running Time 10:41)

Patrick Knowles, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
I have been wrestling with distance learning and technical content. I have been using Vista to create and perhaps push home some of the content I would cover in class." In the manufacturing processes lab course, Patrick Knowles has been using Vista to better prepare students for their on-campus labs, "giving the students the flexibility so they can fit it into their schedule." (Running Time 10:08)

Betti Gladue, Assistant Professor Business Office Technology
“Students can go onto Vista to pick up the syllabus…pick up any handouts I have distributed throughout the semester. Students particularly like the feature of grades…” Some students' personalities prevent them from comfortable participation in her on-campus classes so Professor Gladue uses WebCT Vista’s discussion tool to allow them to achieve the same goal. Betti Gladue explains how she uses Vista to enhance learning. (Running Time 11:32)

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